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Welcome to Hotel Chamanapamba

German Management in Baños - Tungurahua - Ecuador

Enjoy watching life unfold right in front of your eyes. Have you ever wondered how it would be like to wake up in a giant tree house in the middle of nature, surrounded by plants, animals, rivers and waterfalls? Chamanapamba forms part of a breathtaking mountain landscape set right next to the majestic Chamana waterfall. A combination of Art and engineering in a construction that is one with nature.






The perfect playground for adrenaline and nature lovers. Revitalize your energy with a walk surrounded by plants, animals, pure air and beautiful waterfalls, in just a few minutes you will be at the base of the Chamana waterfall, Ulba waterfall and El Silencio waterfall, where you can find an incredible scenery, bath in the river and meditate lulled by the sound of the water. If you enjoy exploring, we invite you to hike along our Eco trails in the foothills of the Chamanapamba mountain with beautiful panoramic views of the waterfalls, the Tungurahua volcano, the Amazon, Sangay and Llanganates National Parks.

Other activities around Baños like canyoning, rafting, climbing, paragliding, biking, horseback riding and many more can by arranged at Chamanapamba.

Nature Conservation

A combination of art and engineering in a construction that is one with nature. Our primary concern is nature conservation; small fruit trees have been planted and larger species such as eucalyptus trees are respected within the finca. Chamanapamba was constructed in complete harmony with nature, respecting the natural environments and surroundings and using the areas natural resources in the construction process.

Visitors find our unique architectural style particularly attractive due to the use of different materials, textures and designs. A guided tour of the house is an absolute must.


Find yourself in the middle of nature surrounded by the greatest wonders. Hosteria Finca Chamanapamba has an extension of over 30 hectares which include mountains and valleys that are neighboring the Chamanapamba natural reserve and the Sangay National park. The Chamanapamba reserve is a private reserve that is protected and which contains great biodiversity including species of flora and fauna that are yet unknown and are yet to be studied. If you are a nature lover and want to see more closely what the cloud forest hides in its core we invite you to explorer it closer.